Rik van den Bosch and Jan Kubon got a pocket full of blues and are on the road….


These tracks capture some moments of the rehearsal sessions for the „Pocket full of blues-Tour“. It was a pleasure to play three sold out concerts in GERA, MAGDEBURG and DRESDEN… will be continued !!! Now you have the chance to listen to a couple of tracks, we recorded, as first take best take, with only one mic.
Can´t be satisfied

Walk on !

My babe

Whoa back buck

Got my mojo working

Midnight Special

Irene goodnight

Going down the road feeling bad




The Songbook Vol.1

"The Songbook Vol.I"

„The Songbook Vol.I“

"The Songbook Vol.I"

„The Songbook Vol.I“

We finished the work on our „The Songbook Vol.I „
The idea behind The Songbook-Project was and still is, to ask friends, poets and musicians (all of them are good friends for a long time) to write lyrics,songs or stories on a subject and send them to us. The subject of the first „Songbook“ was „The Land and the Sea“. The idea goes back to Jan´s stays in Cornwall and on the Isle of Wight, where he went out fishing or played music with his friends, that he found playing music and online in sites like chatempanada.com.
Most of the songs are recorded in our tiny little recording room over the last weeks. J.C. Grimshaw came along to play the shimmering mandolin tunes on „The land and the sea“ as well as the deep rollin gypsy guitar on „The sailor“(written by Rik van den Bosch). Thanks for that !!!

John Bateman, Suzie Leis & Martin Müller – Thank You!  for the great work you did !!!

Songlist „The Songbook Vol.I“

The Land and the sea

Pastures of Plenty

The Sailor

More than Two

We will continue the project. New songs and lyrics already arrived!!!
We are really looking forward to work on a Paul Armfield-Song as well as on a bluesy tune called „smokes like a dream“ written by the very talented Angelina Grimshaw.

Please also check out the homepages of our friends:
Paul Armfield
Rik van den Bosch
and Angelina Grimshaw

Rik van den Bosch and Jan Kubon together on the road

Rik and Jan share the stage for two nights.
The dates are 28.11 in Magdeburg / Weinhandlung und Bistro 39108
and 29.11 Dresden.
Tickets for the show in Magdeburg are out now.
Call: 0391 – 50 67 88 67
or visit the shop, have a glass of wine and meet nice people at the
Arndtstraße 41
39108 Magdeburg

ps. next door is a record shop .-)

The Circle of 3 live at the King Bee Hour

It was a pleasure for us to be at the KING BEE HOUR!  We played a couple of songs live at the studio and talked to Micha König , who is the King of Berlin Blues Radio .-)

all photos by Simone Birkelbach