A selection of tracks from our recordings.
Hollywood can wait – from „live in the living room“
Signs Of Time – from „live in the living room“
My Hero – from „live in the livingroom“
DVD/CD "live in the living room"
Perfect Time – from „Past, Now, Tomorrow“
Johnny´s Lullaby N°1 – from „Past, Now, Tomorrow“
The Cat In My Head – from „Songs from the mobile home“
And Then – from „Songs from the mobile home“
"Songs from the mobile home"  (2005)

The Cellar Tapes

We are happy to present you some sounds from the cellar.-). We recorded some tracks with our friends JC Grimshaw and Angelina Grimshaw for our project -The Circle of 3- in our little basement studio. ( we did not want to call the tapes – the …. tapes). Please enjoy our work, have fun and a good time.

Aloha and hugs !