Rik van den Bosch and Jan Kubon together on the road

Rik and Jan share the stage for two nights.
The dates are 28.11 in Magdeburg / Weinhandlung und Bistro 39108
and 29.11 Dresden.
Tickets for the show in Magdeburg are out now.
Call: 0391 – 50 67 88 67
or visit the shop, have a glass of wine and meet nice people at the
Arndtstraße 41
39108 Magdeburg

ps. next door is a record shop .-)

The Circle of 3 live at the King Bee Hour

It was a pleasure for us to be at the KING BEE HOUR!  We played a couple of songs live at the studio and talked to Micha König , who is the King of Berlin Blues Radio .-)

all photos by Simone Birkelbach